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Baryn Futa, consistent art supporter

May 26, 2020
It’s not a secret: Across the world, the emphasis on arts within the community and education have declined sharply. This decline has occurred over many years as donations and funding go toward other efforts and school’s place a greater emphasis on educational endeavors that do not include art. So now, more than ever beforehand, the arts need support from individuals who recognize and appreciate the role that art plays.

One such notable supporter is Baryn Futa. Futa has long known and understood the struggle that the arts, artists and exhibition sites face, and he’s stepped up to become a consistent fine arts appreciator and benefactor. Futa encourages others to similarly discover what art means to them on a personal level as well as what makes art important for community, education and society as a whole. He hopes others will learn the same appreciation for art that he holds and share it with others. He works to encourage individuals to find a specific piece that resonates personally and use those emotions for explaining art to another. Futa wants to see brilliant artists thrive and places such as museums grow as they display artistic displays, but to do that, he needs to call upon the support of others such as himself to become donors toward the development and growth of the arts.