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How Baryn Futa Sees Art May Help It Survive

October 20, 2022
Because previous generations preserved their art for us, Baryn Futa believes strongly that we owe it to future generations to do the same, and preserve all art for future generations. Baryn believes that we should preserve as much art as possible for the future and that is why art museums and art collectors are extremely important. This realization came late for Baryn Futa. He was already retired from the business world when he began working at the Denver Art Museum and he was hit with a thunderbolt of sorts. As a result of that feeling, he began to take numerous arts classes and even started his own art collection. Of course, that collection has grown to be very extensive and impressive over a number of years.
Like most art collectors, Baryn Futa has comes to see his art collection as a very profitable and useful investment, but investment and wealth building are not related to why he does it. Because he believes the arts to be a necessary and defining part of any culture, art is important enough to preserve for future generations.
By collecting art, he is investing in both preserving the past and educating the future as to why the past is relevant. In a very real way, Baryn Futa is preserving the past for our descendants. Without his work and the work of other collectors, it is possible that a crucial  It is obvious that the art of the past puts us in touch with our ancestors in a way that nothing else can. We look at the art and imagining what happened in the day. These days, in addition to his own collection, Baryn Futa holds memberships in many prominent art museums with impressive collections of their own, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim, and The Jewish Museum. As often as possible, Baryn loans pieces from his own collection to museums. He wants to preserve art for the ages and that will only happen if more people to appreciate the arts as he does.