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The Baryn Futa Art Story

September 20, 2016
Though it seems hard to believe today, Baryn Futa has not always had a deep appreciation for the arts. In fact, most of his life was spent outside of the art world. Something was sparked, however, when he retired and he began to work with the Denver Art Museum. Ever since, he has developed a great appreciation for what Art means to the culture and it’s turned him into a major art supporter and patron.

While his deep attraction to the art world may have been surprising, it made him happy and gave him purpose. While he was at the DAM, he embraced his love of art and cultivated his new love by attending art fairs and museum exhibitions and anything else he could find that seemed interesting. He attended numerous arts classes and even started his own art collection, which has grown to be very extensive and impressive.

Nowadays, Baryn Futa believes that art is too often taken for granted and not appreciated as a priority, so he has made it his life’s work to support the arts as a benefactor and lover of fine art. He wants brilliant artists to be appreciated enough to thrive, so he does what he can to make that happen.